Thursday, November 03, 2005

What's New?

Well. I've gotten back into my usual fantasy kick lately...I just finished Rebel Angels, by Libba Bray. It's the sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, which was very popular a year or two ago. I guess these two could be classified as Victorian Fantasy: They're about a group of teenage girls attending a finishing school in England who become involved with a mysterious Order charged with keeping control of the magic of the Realms. Very good! Ms. Bray's website is very cool, too. You can even tour Spence, the school the girls attend, and the London of the book.

I also read Poison, a novel by Chris Wooding about a young woman named Poison who lives in the swamp. When her little sister is kidnapped by Phaeries, Poison must go on a quest to rescue her -- and in so doing, she discovers a lot of things about the reality of her world that she wishes she didn't know. If you read Poison and like it, Chris Wooding's written a lot of other books, both for teens and for adults. One of them, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, was one of YALSA's Best Books for Young Adults in 2005, and was also chosen as one of School Library Journal's Best Books in 2004.

On another note:

Next Monday, November 7th, our Monday Movie Matinee will start up! I know I've mentioned it before, but just to reiterate: Every Monday, starting next week and for the forseeable future, we will pull our big-screen tv into the Teens Meeting Room, pop some popcorn, pull out some soda or other beverage, and watch a flick. Nothing formal, just a chance to hang-out and watch a movie with your friends and other folks. I still don't know for sure what movie I'm going to show, so if you have any thoughts, post a comment or send me an email! No ideas? Check out the Internet Movie Database for ideas.

Okay, I should probably do some work or something. Talk to y'all later.


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