Monday, April 17, 2006

It's so quiet here!

There's a strange noise in Teen at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh...or perhaps I should say, a strange lack of noise. For many of you, today is your last day of Spring Break before you have to go back to school. Is that why it's so quiet in here? Are you all at home playing video games, or working dilligently on a paper that's due tomorrow, or (I hope) at the park or in your yard enjoying the beautiful weather?

The city is gearing up to open Schenley Plaza, between the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main and University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Library. I walked through it today on my lunch break, and saw so many people sitting on benches, surrounded by flowers, reading their books! It made me smile.

So, enjoy the beautiful weather. I won't be too sad that you're not here, because I wish I was outside too! But don't forget about us, and if you need to do more research on that paper, if it starts to rain, or if that darn pollen starts to tickle your nose, come on back to the library. Don't forget about us!

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