Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hello, Winchester-Thurston!

I am EXHAUSTED. I spent several hours this afternoon talking about books and the library to sixth graders at Winchester-Thurston, and it was excellent. Pretty much, this post is just to say "hi" to all the kids I told about the blog today...I hope all 45 (or so) of you read this post!

If any other folks from any other schools in the area are interested in having librarians come into your school to talk about books, or the library, or any other cool stuff like that, just tell your school librarian or one of your teachers to give us a call. We really enjoy doing it, and it gives us a chance to strut our stuff a little.

And, to the one Winchester-Thurston student I saw in here this afternoon, about ten minutes after I walked back in the door: Dang, that was fast!


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