Monday, November 06, 2006

Meet the Author - Katherine Ayres

What an opportunity! Local author of novels for children and young adults, Katherine Ayres, will be speaking in the Teen department at CLP - Main this Wednesday. Her talk will begin at 4:00pm and she'll be talking about her books, writing, and all that jazz. You can ask her questions, too!

Katherine Ayres books include:

Family Tree
Eleven-year-old Tyler Stoudt starts sixth grade off on the wrong foot. She has Ms. Custer, the toughest teacher in school, who has announced that the schoolwork for the year will revolve around one project: a family tree. Tyler doesn't have a family tree--she has only Papa. As Papa said, her family tree was "chop down and burnt up. " But Tyler decides to do her best on the family tree project. Does she have grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles? Tyler wants to know, but she is afraid of what she might find out.

Macaroni Boy
Mike Costa has lived his whole life in The Strip, Pittsburgh’s warehouse and factory district. His father’s large Italian family runs a food wholesale business, and Mike is used to the sounds and smells of men working all night to unload the trains that feed the city. But it’s 1933, and the Depression is bringing tough times to everyone. Mike worries about his beloved grandfather, who is getting forgetful and confused. When dead rats start appearing in the streets, Mike notices that his grandfather is also physically sick. Can whatever is killing the rats be hurting Mike’s grandfather? It’s a mystery Mike urgently needs to solve in this atmospheric, fast-paced story filled with vibrant period detail.

North by Night
This exciting first-person narrative brings the story of the Underground Railroad to life. Sixteen-year-old Lucy Spencer believes in the work she and her family are doing to help fugitive slaves escape to Canada. Yet, what will Lucy do when asked to make the ultimate sacrifice and leave all she loves behind.

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