Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meeting Minutes from CLP, Teen-Main Teen Advisory Council

By the request of Teen Advisory Council members - The meeting notes from 1/20/08:

1. Pittsburgh 250th: We are going to video record library customers discussing their teen years in the 'Burgh. We'll then edit this and catalog it as an oral history of teens. We'll spend the summer visiting every branch, with teen volunteers doing the interviewing and the recording. We would like to contact alumni of Media Arts and Literacy workshops, among others. It was also suggested that we set up a booth at Extravaganza that will be for these interviews.

2. "Super TAC" Sometime this year, Karen would like to gather all TACs in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh system. What could we do when we get together:
a) Picnic.
b) Separate out into Interest groups (art, music, etc) and brainstorm programming ideas.
c) Promote the library with a video.

3. Let's make ourselves known! At the February or March meeting, we are going to create a Facebook and a Myspace profile for CLP, Main Teen Advisory Council.

4. Extravaganza Ideas! On Sunday, June 8th, CLP Main will have its Extravaganza on the lawn. Last year we had three tents for teens. The TAC suggests adding a 4th. Here is what the tents will be:
a) Teen Summer Reading: Get your free book here!
b) Gaming: Play Guitar Hero or Rock Band
c) Crafts: Make a button or deconstruct a T-Shirt
d) Programs: (NEW!) - Learn about all that the library offers in programs for Teens. Real teens will staff this tent and share their experiences in Art Club, Media Arts and Literacy, SAGDA, and more!

Thanks for a great meeting, everyone!

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Mary said...

Thank you for the recommendation of books. My niece is an avid reader and I'm always looking for books to send to her. I will check back often to see what you're reading. Thank you for the help.

One book I didn't see on your list is one that I just bought. It's called Queen Geeks In Love. I got an "awesome" from my niece. She thought it was funny, smart and loved the characters. I recommend it for your list of teen reads.

Thank you again for the book recommendations.

Aunt Mary