Saturday, September 27, 2008

Igor Reviews Night of the Soul Stealer

The book, Last Apprentice, Night of the Soul Stealer is a book that is part of the Last Apprentice series. The book is the 4th from the series. In the book Tom and his master the spook have come across some trouble with the witches of Pendle (town in the book). Its the spook's job do deal with the witches, gasts, and other forms of "the dark". Tom had lost his father last winter and his mom left for she had nothing to keep hold of. Tom was left a room in the old house that held all the valuables his mom collected and only he had the key to it. But the contents of that room was stolen and his brother jack and his family was being held hostage. he journeyed to Pendle with his master and Alice. Alice was raised by witches but tom believes that she is good and wants her by his side for she saved his life numerous of times. While in Pendle Tom runs into trouble he encounters a witch by the name of Meg who wants Tom to be hers' and will kill Alice to get Tom, but there is more foul deeds plotting in Pendle the 3 witch covens are uniting and old blood feuds are waining so the 3 covens are ready to summon the devil itself. Tom and his master try to stop them but fail, for 3 days the fiend tries to kill Tom for he is under the witches' bidding but Tom was able to hide in the room his mom left him, that room protected him and saved his life for on the 3rd day the fiend was free and went to do what he wanted to. Tom is alive but now that such evil is in the world what can he do? it remains to be seen, i haven't read the fifth book yet...
Rating: excellent

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