Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice to meet you!

Hey folks,

You may have noticed a new face behind the teen desk these last couple weeks--in case we haven't gotten a chance to meet yet, my name's Tara, and I'm pretty new to both the library and Pittsburgh. I recently moved here from Portland, Oregon, and am still getting used to the city (and snow! and crazy-awesome football fans!)

Some things I'm into: records, comics, BAKING, community art projects, biking n' hiking, crafting, sewing, old movies, sarcasm, lazy sundays, vacation. Also, I'm trying to learn to play the banjo. I have a chubby tabby-cat named Miss Fridders, and hope to have a dog sometime very soon.

I'll be here most weekdays, so please feel free to say "hi" or introduce yourself if you see me around. I like to talk about comics and movies and music too, so if you need help finding something please, please come and ask me. I look forward to getting to know y'all!!!

Happy Thursday,

The largest cake I've ever baked:

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