Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CLP Teen Anime Club: Solty Rei: Volume 1 & Special Team Trivia!

Pocky, anime, and great friends await at the CLP Teen Anime Club! The first Saturday of every month, we show a new anime, possibly have an activity, and raffle off free DVDs at the end! What could be better? If you came!

Next meeting: Saturday, May 2nd @ 3:00 PM

Anime Club Team Quiz!

You and two other anime fans will be asked to put on your trivia hats and wrack your brains around the tough competition that will be had at this month's Anime Club Team Quiz! Compete for prizes!

Solty Rei: Volume 1

Genre: Action, Drama
Creator: Kentaro Yabuki
Director: Yoshimasa Hiraike
(Kaleido Star, Saishuu Heiki Kanojo, Vandread)
Producers: Gen Fukunaga
ADR Director: Christopher R. Sabat
Voice Actors: Carrie Savage as Solty Revant
Christopher R. Sabat as Roy Revant

What it's about:

Salvation lies in the heart of the broken.

Roy Revant is living the hard life of a bounty hunter in a broken city, a city where thousands have died in a mysterious event called the Blast Fall. Those who survived share the sting of loss. Countless Resembles walk the streets, people whose mangled bodies have been rebuilt with high-tech prosthetic devices. Yet there are those that even science cannot mend. Roy needs a miracle to escape his rut… and one night she falls from the sky. Like countless others Solty is a Resemble, but one unlike the world has ever known. A young girl without a past, soon she will have a family. But in this world, pain and alienation are never too far away.

For more about the characters and the show, go to

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main

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