Monday, January 30, 2006

I love the library because...

...of all the nice things you've said about it!!

In honor of Valentine's Day, every branch of CLP (and most departments at Main) have put up a display of a big red heart with "I love the library because..." written on it. We've got heart-shaped post-it notes for people to write their thoughts on. Here are some of the things on our heart in Teen:

  • 'Cause it's like coming home!
  • Because the librarians are AWESOME
  • Because it's special!
  • The great books and computers. I never want to go home.
  • I am no longer a number, I am a person.
  • Joseph, Karen, Ellen, Robin and Erin (thanks, guys)

So, the next time you come into the Main library or to any of the neighborhood locations, be sure to tell us why you love the library...let me tell you, we love to hear it!

1 comment:

Jordan S. said...

I love the library! Robin (hope I spelled that right) has been coming to my school and helping with the Lunch Bunch Book Club, it's been awesome, thanks, Robin!

Anyway, I filled out a little heart sticky note and hope you guys display it in your Squirel Hill location, that's the library I visit most. I also hope you get an xanga, they are awesome and I have my own. Please get an xanga! I'd love to add you all as friends!

Keep up the good work!