Saturday, January 21, 2006

Meg Cabot ROCKS

As you might have gathered from the subject line of this post, I've been reading a fair amount of Meg Cabot. Well, not that much, really...but when an author you really enjoy reading has two books that come out practically simultaneously, it's hard not to get excited.

The new books are: Size 12 is Not Fat, about an overweight former pop singer who works in a dorm (excuse me, residence hall) where freshmen girls suddenly start turning up dead; and Avalon High, which is a contemporary version of the King Arthur legends, set in Maryland. They're both very fun, a little silly, a little frothy, and quick reads. Although Size 12 is Not Fat is written for adults, I liked it anyway.

Of course, after reading two Meg Cabot books in quick succession I had to check her website to see if anything else is coming out. The good news is, the answer's YES! There's a new Princess Diaries book coming out in March. It's called Party Princess, we've ordered it, and you should be able to request it via our catalog pretty soon.

And especially cool, Meg Cabot has a blog! And as you know if you've read any of her books, she's very funny. So read it here.

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