Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Inkheart: the Movie

Cornelia Funke. Movie. Inkheart. YAY!

Okay, now for coherent thoughts: I just read on YALSA-BK that Cornelia Funke's absolutely fabulous book, Inkheart, is being made into a movie. If you're not familiar with the story, Inkheart is about a young girl named Meg and her father, Mo. Mo has an amazing talent: he can read characters from books into being. That's right, he can read a book out loud and make characters from that book appear in real life. The only problem is, he can't really control what characters appear...and every time he reads a character out, something from the real world must go in. Hmm.

Anyway, Inkheart is amazing, as is its sequel, Inkspell. So I'm very excited about this movie. I'm also very excited about who'll be playing Mo: Brendan Fraser! For a little bit more info, check out the Internet Movie Database, here.


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