Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Talking about books

Do you like to talk about the books that you have read? Middle school students at a school where we visit once a month come in during the lunch hour to do just that. The book they picked to talk about next time is Hidden Child by Isaac Millman. It is the story of the author, who was born in Paris. When he was only seven years old the Nazis invaded France and his father was deported. He and his mother fled to Vichy France, where she bribed a guard to shelter young Isaac. Maybe you read some of his other books when you were younger in the Moses series. Here is a link to a picture of the author and some more information about him.

Since you cannot join us in the discussion perhaps you would like to comment to the blog after you read the book.


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Anonymous said...

We are having the discussion today. It was a very interesting book.