Monday, July 31, 2006

Last chance to win!

Hey, all. Just a reminder that today's the LAST DAY to enter to contest to win a free, signed copy of Alanna: the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce! I'll be drawing the winner first thing tomorrow morning.

The rules again:

  • You must be between 12 - 18 years old and have a Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh library card
  • You must be registered for Teen Summer Reading
  • You must answer the three quiz questions correctly

The quiz questions:

  1. What was the name of Alanna's cat?
  2. Alanna went to Corus to become a knight. Where did her brother Thom go, and what did he want to become?
  3. Where does Alanna find her sword?

To enter the contest, just email the correct answers, your name and your library card number to by 8:00 TONIGHT. The winner will be randomly selected from everyone who gets all three questions right and meets all the other requirements.

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