Friday, April 27, 2007

Fine Alternative Program: Review of Beautiful City of the Dead, by Leander Watts

In the book Beautiful City of the Dead by Leander Watts, the two main characters stood out. Obviously, seeing as they’re… the main characters. Anyways, Relly is considered the element of fire, he’s kind of crazy, obsessed with making his band (Scorpion Bone) Sound like Ghost Metal, and, of course, fire. Zee, the main main character, is a little timid, unsure, the element water, and is obsessed with fire. But not in a sick way. The plot is pretty creepy. It’s about these two tetrads (four and no more. Groups of four, basically…) that are incomplete, (they are missing their fourth element—water.). Once Zee joins Relly’s band as bass player, she completes their tetrad. But the teachers have a tetrad of their own, and apparently once you complete one you become invincible. So the teachers are trying to steal Zee away from Scorpion Bone. That’s the plot… yeah kinda creepy. I enjoyed the complexity of it all, and the fact that it was about a ghost metal band. I didn’t like how dark it all was… it was kind of depressing not sure how to explain it… and I usually like dark stuff. This book and it’s poetry were well written, overall.

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