Friday, April 27, 2007

Fine Alternative Program: Review of Evanescence

Not just a whiny wannabe rock band.

The Carnegie Library has two (or more copies) of The Open Door and Fallen, two discs by Evanescence. When you first look at Fallen, you see a lot of clichéd lyrics and from reading the liner notes, you start to think that the lead singer, Amy Lee, doesn’t even like rock music and she’s just doing this to please Ben. Actually Ben left the band in the middle of their World Domination tour in 2003. No real explanation—he just left. And the fact that Amy’s still in the band? Or is the band? Shows that she is an amazingly real rock star. As for the clichéd lyrics? They make it all right with the chorus of people singing Latin doom phrases in the background and the melancholy piano. If you were to listen to their old, pre-Fallen material, like their first “album” Origin, and their EPs, ( then you’d understand that all of this… like, instant fame, came from years of hard work, but I guess also chance played a part in it. They have some really good old music too, and it’s free for download at the site mentioned above. Totally legal too—Amy and Ben (used to—[Ben]) encourage the free download of it all. I really like Evanescence and I think Amy’s vocals are amazing—more drawn out by the heavy, thrashing guitar, and the sweet, melodramatic piano. So go to the library, find an Evanescence CD, and check one out today!!

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