Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Minutes from the Teen Sexual & Gender Diversity Alliance - Saturday, August 18 2007

Don't forget that we're tabling the Warhol event this Friday! It's from 5-10:00 PM. We'll have books, flyers for the group, podcasting, and more. Here's the flyer, so you can print it and give it to your friends:

We're also working on a poster series for LGBT History Month, which is October. The theme is "LGBT History Is a Living History." Here are who we chose so far (you should be able to remember who you chose out of these):

Jefferee Star
John Waters

Eleanor Roosevelt
Alexander the Great

Rufus Wainwright
Andy Warhol

Make sure you have your information for the upcoming meeting. You can find biographical information in our research databases (I recommend the Biography Resource Center and Biography Reference Bank).

Thanks for coming, everyone! We're gearing up for the next meeting, which is Saturday, September 15th, 2:00 PM @ the second floor of Crazy Mocha (420 S. Craig St. Pittsburg, PA 15213)

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