Thursday, March 20, 2008

Deadpool's Blog

Devin, a hiliarious regular here at the teen space, wrote this imagined interview with Marvel Comics fan favorite Deadpool - the infamous "Merc with the mouth." Hope you enjoy!

Deadpool’s Blog

Hello my friends and fans of my comic book. This is Deadpool the merc with the mouth. Entertainment Weekly interviewed me, which is weird because I force fed chimichangas to the staff and writers while they were duct taped to their chairs. Come on at least I didn’t kill them. They would drop the law suit if I agreed to do an interview with them.

Question: How did you get your powers?
Answer: Cancer, weapon x, insanity.
Question: What do you do for a living?
Answer: Merc for hire you stupid magazine creators.
Question: How many girlfriends have you had?
Answer: Outlaw, Psylocke, Siren.
Question: What is the craziest mission you ever did?
Answer: The time Cable hired me to steal a force field thingy. I had
to kill undead clowns - and I hate clowns.
Question: Which hero team would you join?
Answer: The New Avengers because they need comic relief and a guys guy.


Krystal said...

Everything that deadpool says is hilarious that is one of the reasons I am a fan, another reason is he kicks butt!- Krystal

Anonymous said...

The answer to your first question is 'shaddup'!