Friday, March 28, 2008

Special Art Club Meeting: Ohanami!

Whoa, everyone watch out! April is on its way and it's not kidding around.

April in Pittsburgh can be a bit of an indecisive flirt. Just when you think it's going to stay warm and sunny, it flip flops back to the cold and the gray. Boo. Well, April in mainland Japan is quite different. It is the time for new beginnings: new school year, new friendships, and definitely blooming cherry blossoms (sakura). During this time, people hang around under trees, stuffing themselves with food and drink, being merry with friends and family.

So to celebrate this fabulous time of year, we are doing a special Art Club meeting that is going to be, to quote one special patron, made of awesome.

We are going to
  • draw Japanese flowery landscapes
  • make origami
  • drink delicious green tea in adorable little Japanese cups

Ohanami is going on at Teen on Wednesday, April 16, at 3pm. Pick up a loud pink bookmark when you drop by to remind you!

And just because I'm a sucker for pictures, here's one of me (Violeta) in front of sakura in Japan.

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