Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Ugly Covers Archive & Caption Contest

Once again it's time for the Ugly Covers Caption Contest! Please leave us your captions in the comments below.

Our staff has weighed in with their own captions:
"Time again for the Creepy Disembodied Head Regetta" - Corey
"The weight of the disembodied head upon my shoulders" - Karen
"I've shrunk you into a tiny man leaning against the pier -it's the greastest prank of all time! (Why am I not laughing, then?)" - Holly

Now it's your turn!
*Special thanks to Katie and Zoe for pitching in for the last edition.*



Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Teens said...

"It took me so long to grow this large. I had to eat more broccoli than the law allows." -Cat

Katie said...

And thus, Arthur was given the notebook Excalibur by the (Very Very Large) Lady of the Lake.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Teens said...

Ha ha ha, Katie! That's hilarious.

My contribution:

"The sweater caused her to sweat more than she ever bargained for, and soon an entire civilization developed."


Kate said...

In her sweater? A civilization? Huh?!

"My shoulder wandered lonely as a cloud..."
(Alternately, "as lonely as a clud.")...