Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pre-Register for the Teen Madden 09 Tournament

Think you got what it takes to challenge Pittsburgh teens in Madden supremacy and win a $50 check card? Join us at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Teen space (4400 Forbes Ave., in Oakland), where 16 players will take to the field on Sunday, January 25th @ 12:30 PM for all the big plays and big hits that you could ask for.

We're offering free pizza, snacks, and drinks so that you can invite your friends to come cheer you on--or if they can't, we'll be broadcasting the tournament live online to a national audience (URL TBA).

Please read the rules carefully before entering:

- You must be in high school or high school equivalent age (14-17) to participate.
- We will update the rosters before the tournament.
- Players will be seeded randomly.
- The first two games will be 3:00 minute quarters on All-Pro difficulty; semi-finals and finals will be 4:00 minute quarters on All-Madden difficulty.
- Each player will have one minute before the game to set their audibles and depth charts.
- If the winner cannot continue, the loser with the lowest point differential (aka whoever lost by the least) will fill their slot.
- The home team of each game will be determined by a coin flip.
- Rewinds will be turned OFF.
- Negative trash talk will get a player a warning. After the first warning, the player will be disqualified. Players are welcome to get excited about their own plays, but not at the expense of others. Players' friends will be removed after their first warning.
- Players will be confirmed in the tournament on a first-come, first-serve basis on the day of the tournament. Pre-registering does not guarantee any player a spot in the tournament. The library will open at noon on the day of the tournament.

To pre-register, contact Joseph via phone (412-622-3121), e-mail (, or through our online events page.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Main

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