Monday, January 05, 2009

Special Guest blogger!

Igor O. reviews some wicked-awesome manga to start off the new year. Enjoy.

One Piece

When an ordinary boy eats a devil fruit he becomes an empowered being. The powers of the devil fruit have enchanted him, and for it he pays the price of being able to swim. Originally you may think that would be great - getting near superpowers and having to stay on land, but Luffie's goal is to become kind of like the pirates, and that is not any easy task. With a promise he made to someone and other strong pirates with more powers can he do it? Read One Piece to find out!


There is no such thing as coincidence in this world but only Hitsuzen . . . or at least according to this parallel-world book coinciding with Tsubasa. The book is about a boy in high school who has an unusual ability - he can see spirits and ghosts. He is not very happy about this and wants this ability gone. But every wish has a price. Will Watanuki be able to fulfill that price, or will the people he meets change his outlook on spirits and make him acknowledge his gift? Read Xxxholic to find out!

Murder Princess

I have to admit this one was an unexpected find. I was not really expecting it to be any good. But the book was great. The princess and a well-known female bounty hunter switched bodies and now, when the kingdom is under attack, it’s the princess who fights the war. The real princess only wants the kingdom to stay safe and gave up the life to become a servant instead. What will become of this story? One thing I know is that I want to know!

All reviews by Igor. Posted by Connie.

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