Saturday, April 26, 2008

But what exactly do you do?

I get this question quite often as a librarian, so I thought I'd share some of my activities from today.

1. Created weekly schedules for the staff.
2. Tried to problem-solve existing scheduling glitches.
3. Helped someone who was doing a research project on Muhammad's views regarding violence.
4. Added tags to previous blog entries, since I always forget to do so when posting.
5. Looked at the bestselling teen fiction books at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and crossreferenced titles with our catalog, to be sure we have them at the library.
6. Shelved manga and graphic novels like Genshiken and Persepolis.
7. Helped the Tell-a-tale Theater teens suprise Karen with a birthday cake.
8. Sent emails regarding Teen Summer Reading visits to local Pittsburgh Schools.
9. Worked on the schedule again.
10. Discussed volunteering with an interested teen.
11. Read reviews of upcoming teen fiction books, to decide which to buy for the Teen collection.
12. Renewed computer time for teens... a lot.
13. Set up paint and supplies for a teen who wanted to paint our meeting room doors.
14. Worked with teens to help get their library cards renewed.
15. Did I mention scheduling?

It's Saturday, so it's a slow day. :) See you at the library!


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