Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Perks of Being a Teen Volunteer...

Well, there's many, my friend.
Teen Volunteers at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh:

  • get a first look at what CD's, books, graphic novels, and video games are freshly returned,
  • get a chance to put their library service on their resume/school applications,
  • get a CLP badge, which allows free entry and discounts at many local museums, and
  • get to do things like SLEEP OVER at the library!

Recently, we had our first every Teen Overnight at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main. 30 Teens who have volunteered in the past 6 months were invited. They were treated to trivia, pizza, snacks, the world premiere of ROCK BAND at the library, a midnight book discussion, movie watching, Apples to Apples, all capped off with a bagel breakfast.

If any of these perks sound appealing to you, contact us to volunteer!

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