Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CLP Librarians heart blogs

A very ambitious group of Adult Librarians at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main have collaborated to create a fun and informative blog called Eleventh Stack. Here you can learn about everything from alternative forms of transportation to Life on Mars to Blogging for Equality. This blog is updated daily, so be sure to check in often!

Another very ambitious group of librarians - this time Teen Librarians from across the entire city - have collaborated to create yet another fun and informative blog called CLPTeensburgh. Interested in library programs for teens at neighborhood locations like the Hill District? Or would you like to read a good book review? Perhaps you are more in the mood to learn about writing contests. Check out this blog for a look at library service to teens across the entire city.

Think you've had enough of fun and informative blogs? Think again! If you are a parent of a young child, know a parent of a young child, or are an older sibling, than this blog is for you. Storypockets is a blog created by the Children's Department at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main. Did you know that the Nandanik Indian Dance troupe just visited the Main Library? Would you like to recommend a book to youngsters you know? Have a good look at this Children's Librarian blog.

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Thanks for the love! If you'd like to come on over and write a post, let us know!