Thursday, April 03, 2008

Teen Power! the political process, voting and you

Hi everyone. This year, as you know, is an election year. So we wanted to have a program to talk about some of the issues that will be discussed during the election, and more importantly, talk about the issues that are important to you. Some of you will be old enough to vote this November, but even if you won't be voting this year, politics is something that still effects you--funding for your schools and education, public transportation and the price of gas, even the air you breath and the water you drink. If you have an interest in politics, or are just curious to find out what those people on cable news shows are shouting about, join us for Teen Power! Sunday, April 13th @ 3pm. There'll be a trivia contest w/ prizes, followed by a discussion. Soda and snacks will be provided. Find out how you can make a difference!

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