Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pittsburgh = The new Forks? Find out at our Breaking Dawn Party!

I recently captured this picture near the library. The clouds over Pitt's Alumni Hall were quite ominious. I'm beginning to wonder if Pittsburgh might be a good home for vampires, with all the cloudy weather this summer. Stephenie Meyer should set the 5th book in the Twilight saga right here!

With all the cloudiness going on, maybe some Edward Cullen-type vampires will show up to our Breaking Dawn Party. We'll play trivia, give out prizes, listen to the Bella Cullen Project (a band that writes songs about the Twilight saga), and have some pizza. We are also giving out copies of Breaking Dawn to the top three costumes. We're looking for creative vampire-themed costumes, so the sky, er, the cloud's the limit!

If you'd like to attend this event, please register with us:
622.3121 or


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