Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Umm... I'm the NEW library assistant, Cat.

Well, hello. I'm Cat, short for Catherine. Today is my second day here in CLP Teen- Main. (In the picture I am the one with the beak.)

Facts about me:

I am from a very small town called Orwigsburg,PA. I moved to Pittsburgh from Seattle last summer. I go to Pitt. I have no pets but I do have a ton of plants (they all have names).

Likes: Travel ( I have been to 16 countries and 4 continents.), Camping, Hiking, Dancing (in my bedroom to really loud music), Candy (yeah, Fun Dip!), Photography (my dirty little secret is that I love slide film), music (right now I'm all about British Sea Power and Luke Temple), and, of course Reading (I am currently reading Stephanie Meyer's

Dislikes: jerky people, broccoli, black licorice, bugs near my bed (or where ever I happen to be sleeping), things that ooze, the smell of coffee, and cold weather.

Please, please, please- come up and say hi to me. I heart meeting new peeps!

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Main


TeenBibliotecaria said...

Hi there Cat. I'm the OLD library assistant, ha ha. Best of luck to you!

Eli said...

Welcome to un library. I'm Eli and if you are the new assistant, you will see tons of me. Arn't you lucky, lol. Welcome to the coolest place in Pittsburgh.