Tuesday, July 08, 2008

They're Talking About us in the Big City

This Sunday The New York Times published an article in the travel section entitled "36 Hours in Pittsburgh" by Mr. Jeff Schlagel. It's the most e-mailed story in the travel section this week, as well as one of the most blogged about. (I'm doing my part!) I think we all know that Pittsburghers love to show off their town, but you know what's missing from the lists of attractions? The library, of course! All due respect to Mr. Schlagel, but I imagine he just didn't see the library as the exciting and vital place you and I both know it to be. I say that's his loss.

I urge you to read over "36 Hours in Pittsburgh" and, in addition to thinking about all of these great places in town, think about what's missing from the list. It's great to get good press for the city I love, but I see our town as more than just a place that used to be smokey. What do you think Pittsburgh's identity is? What should it be? What do you love about it? And, most importantly, how do you think the library fits into it all?

- Corey W.

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