Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Who's feelin' CRAFTY?

What a great summer this has been for creativity. Every Wednesday has been a blast with TEEN ART CLUB. I am so glad that so many artistic people have come and spent time with us. And for all those "unartistic" folks who come, I hope you have changed your minds about what you can do.

So, I was thinking that it might be time to sum up what we've accomplished, and start to plan for the next couple of months. So here is what we've done:
1. Buttons (ever popular and exciting)
2. Kites (and some of them even took flight before crashing!)
3. Paper Crafts (origami has made a comeback)
4. Duct Tape Stuff (who doesn't like duct tape?)
5. Ojos de Dios (such a simple thing to make that is so pretty)
6. T-Shirt Redesigns (I <3 cheap, chic fashion)

Here is what is coming up:
1. TODAY 7/30/2008 Simple Screen Printing (a little messy, a lot awesome)
2. Wednesday 8/6/2008 More Buttons (1st Wednesday of EVERY MONTH)
3. Wednesday 8/13/2008 Beading (a classic craft activity)
4. Wednesday 8/20/2008 Digital Comics (something a little more high tech)

Now here is the part where I want to know what we can do this fall. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Duct Tape (clearly, this is necessary)
2. Yarn Monsters and Goth Sock Puppets (awesome Halloween fun)
3. Animation (moving art!)
4. Decoupage Letter Boxes (fancy collages with a useful result)
5. Marble Magnets (I can't wait to try these out!)
6. Punk Rock Scrapbooking (scrapbooking with an edge)

Any thoughts? Ideas? Stuff you like? Hate? Suggestions?


Remember our Teen Art Club motto: "Make Cool Stuff"


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